COVID-19 Info Update / Downloadable Graphics

On behalf of the administration and all of the employees of Denville Township, we want to thank everyone for their continued understanding and cooperation as not only the Township, but our country and the world, continues to address the COVID-19 pandemic.  Please continue to abide by all of the recommended safety precautions and social distancing measures so that we can help protect everyone’s health until the pandemic is over.

The Township Health Department would like to remind everyone that our first line of defense against COVID-19 includes the following safety precautions we can all abide by:

-    Stay home if you are sick.

-    Limit close contact with people who are sick.

-    Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.

-    Avoid handshakes. Try an elbow bump.

-    Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

-    If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

-    Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

-    Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash. If you do not have a tissue, use your sleeve (not your hands).

-    Maintain distance (about 6 feet) from others when possible and avoid social gatherings and crowds. Such efforts are critically important to protecting our vulnerable residents and relatives, particularly the elderly.

-    Get a flu shot to prevent the flu if you have not done so this season.

-    Stay informed by visiting the CDC and NJDOH COVID-19 website.

In addition, please be mindful of any information you read about COVID-19 and/or the State or municipality’s response to the pandemic.  There are various sources online that are purposefully or negligently spreading false information about the disease or the mandated/pending closures or other restrictions issued by the government.  Please attempt to limit your education on these issues to information being disseminated only from trusted news sources. Some trustworthy sites include:

- Centers for Disease Control:

- NJ Department of Health:

- State of NJ:

There have been reports of unsolicited text messages in which the author claimed to have a connection to someone working at a clinic or government agency and revealed unannounced plans for an impending lockdown or quarantine.  The messages follow similar patterns and suggest the recipient stockpile food, gas, medicine, or other necessities and pass the information onto others.  One such text message falsely stated that President Donald Trump would enact the Stafford Act and order a two-week mandatory quarantine.  This information is not true and its continued spread can only result in unnecessary panic.

Also, the pandemic has created a whole new area for unsavory individuals to attempt to scam the unsuspecting public.  Scammers are leveraging the COVID-19 pandemic to steal your money, your personal information, or both. Don’t let them. Protect yourself and do your research before clicking on links purporting to provide information on the virus; donating to a charity online or through social media; contributing to a crowdfunding campaign; purchasing products online; or giving up your personal information in order to receive money or other benefits.  Be very mindful of individuals offering to disinfect your homes and/or businesses unsolicited, of unsolicited requests for donations to relief organizations or groups, and of offers of a “miracle drug”.

If you are in need of police, fire or emergency medical services, please advise the dispatcher if you or anyone in your home has been diagnosed with COVID-19, are under quarantine for suspicions of COVID-19, or are experiencing flu like symptoms.  This will allow our dispatcher to advise all first responders to take extra precautions and don personal protective equipment (PPE) before making contact with anyone.  At this time, it is vitally important that we ensure the continued health of our first responders so that they can continue to provide the necessary services to the Township without interruption.

The Township Health Department has made available several flyers and graphics regarding social distancing, in both English and Spanish.  The flyers/graphics may be downloaded/printed out and used by residents or businesses as needed by clicking on them below.

Six Feet Apart - English 

Six Feet Apart - Spanish


social distance 1382X961_web

social distance-spanish 1382X961_web

We will continue to attempt to keep all residents updated on important issues regarding the pandemic.  Again, please continue to follow the advice of the CDC regarding social distancing and hand-washing, as well as limiting contact with large groups.  Please stay safe and we wish all of you good health.