Running and Riding Safety Tips

Running and Riding Safety Tips

As more and more citizens and visitors utilize the roadways of Denville to exercise, the Denville Police Department would like to remind everyone of the following safety tips:

 - Try to walk/jog on sidewalks rather than the roadway. If sidewalks are not available, always walk/jog against the flow of traffic. By staying alert, you will see an oncoming vehicle and be able to take any evasive action if necessary. 

- No matter what time of day, it is better to wear light colored clothing and/or some kind of reflective material. This will help drivers to see you and take any necessary actions to safely pass you.

- Always carry some kind of identification with you.

- Do not wear headphones. If you do, keep the volume low enough so that you can still hear the noises of the environment around you.

- Always look both ways before crossing the street and use marked crosswalks if available.

- Yes, pedestrians have the right of way in crosswalks.  However, before crossing, make sure that oncoming traffic sees you and has the time to safely stop.

- Obey the Walk/Do Not Walk signals at signaled crosswalks. The flashing Do Not Walk signal is a warning to finish your crossing, not to start your crossing and to hurry up across the street.

- When riding a bicycle on the roadway, always ride with the flow of traffic.  Do not ride against the flow of traffic, as it is dangerous. 

- Bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicles and must obey all traffic control devices, to include stop signs and red lights.

-  When encountering traffic, bicycles should always proceed in a single file to avoid obstructing passage of other vehicles.  If there is no other traffic on the roadway, bicycles should never ride more than two abreast.

- Bicyclists should take all safety precautions, to include wearing a helmet, using hand signals when making left and right turns, and utilizing a light when riding at night or other low light conditions.

The Denville Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety of all bicyclists and pedestrians that use the streets within the Township. The most critical factor is to enlist your support and participation in keeping our roads safe by following the few suggestions that were outlined above. For those of you with children, please take the time to review these safety tips with them as well.

Stay safe and enjoy the fall weather!