2018 Denville First Responders Calendar

The Denville Police Department has partnered with Project Playground 2.0 to participate in a 13 month calendar featuring Denville’s First Responders, which also includes the Denville Volunteer Fire Department, Denville Township’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Denville Township’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). The glossy, full color calendar features members of each organization along with animals that were rescued from Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria and recently adopted from Denville’s Animal Shelter.

The calendars are priced at $20 each and all proceeds benefit Project Playground 2.0 for the rebuilding of the Gardner Field playground. The calendars are currently available for purchase through Project Playground 2.0’s website, www.denvilleplays.com. In addition, there will be opportunities to purchase the calendars at meet-and-greet events that will be announced in the near future. Get your calendar before they sell out and help support a very worthwhile cause!