Denville Police Trading Cards Now Available!

The Denville Police Department has partnered with the Denville Rotary to offer the first ever series of Denville Police Trading cards featuring all of the department's officers.  The program was designed to promote a long lasting, positive relationship between our local police officers and the youth of our community.  The primary goal of the Trading Card Program is to help our children understand that police officers are friendly, approachable and are always ready to be of help when needed.

In addition, prizes will be awarded to the first students from Riverview, Lakeview, Valleyview and St. Mary's Prep to collect all thirty cards and present their completed collections at police headquarters will be eligible to win the following prizes:
1st Place: Bicycle
2nd Place: Kindle Fire
3rd Place: Lunch with Police Chief Wagner and a tour of headquarters.

Adults are not allowed to collect cards for children.  In order to obtain an officer's card, each child must seek out, find and ask that officer for their card!  This way, each child and each officer will have an opportunity to meet one another!  Good luck to everyone collecting the cards and be on the look out, as you never know where an officer may suddenly appear and it may be that one officer you still need to finish your collection!

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