COVID-19 Statistics for Denville Township

Based upon information obtained from the Denville Township and Morris County Health Departments, the Township of Denville currently has a total of   15   residents within the Township who have tested positive for COVID-19.
(Updated 03/30/20)

- This figure reflects open COVID-19 positive cases only, not cases which have been closed, may be pending, or have yet to be entered into the system.

- This figure does not include persons who have not tested positive and are under quarantine/isolation due to an exposure, at the recommendation of a physician, and/or under self-quarantine following the CDC recommended guidelines. 

- This figure is not a reflection of community spread within the Township or surrounding communities.  Various factors may be related to higher numbers including increased testing, facilities with high-risk populations, etc.

- This figure is not to be used by residents to gauge whether heightened precautions are necessary when traveling in public within the Township or any other surrounding municipalities.  Social distancing, hand hygiene, and other preventive steps are necessary, regardless of the number of cases in a specific area or municipality.

- We acknowledge that residents are concerned about contact with those who have tested positive for COVID-19; however, pursuant to state and federal law, we are prohibited from releasing the identity or any identifying details associated with any of the individuals who have tested positive.

The Township of Denville would like to wish all those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are experiencing any other health issues during this time a speedy recovery to good health.