Denville Center - Time Limit and Metered Parking

The following parking restrictions have been established in order to provide adequate customer turnover for the various business types found within the center of town.   Each location is marked with the proper signage and any violation of the limits may result in a parking summons being issued to your vehicle.

One Hour Parking Limitation (Monday to Saturday, 7:00a.m. to 6:00p.m.):

  • Broadway - both sides, entire length
  • Diamond Spring Road  - both sides, from Broadway to Snyder Avenue
  • First Avenue - both sides, entire length
  • East Main Street - south side, from Broadway to Bloomfield Avenue
  • Second Avenue - both sides, from Broadway to Third Avenue

Two Hour Parking Limitation:

  • Second Avenue - both sides, from Third Avenue to Diamond Spring Road
  • Bloomfield Avenue  - both sides, entire length

Free Parking

  • Bloomfield Ave Parking Lot - all free spots are marked with white striping
  • First Avenue Parking Lot (3 Hr Max)
  • Church Street Parking Lot

Metered Parking (3 Hr Max):

  • West Main St Parking Lot - common meter, $0.25 per hour
  • Mt Tabor Parking Lot - individual meters, $0.25 per hour

Daily Permit Parking:

  • First Ave Parking Lot
  • Bloomfield Ave Parking Lot - all permit spots are marked with yellow striping
  • West Main St Parking Lot
  • Mt Tabor Parking Lot

Free Commuter Parking:

  • Savage Rd Parking Lot

To purchase a parking permit, please contact the Township Clerk at 973-625-8300 ext. 8.

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Overnight Parking

Parking is prohibited on any street within the Township between the hours of

 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. every day (expect Sunday).  If you need to park a vehicle on the street overnight for any reason, such as having guests or having work done to your driveway, you must contact the Police Dispatcher at 973-627-4900 x 9 and request permission.  If you do not receive permission, any vehicles found on the street may be issued a summons.  It should be noted that absolutely no permission will be granted whenever there is snow in the weather forecast for that evening.

Parking on Snow Covered Roadways

Parking on the street is prohibited when the roads are snow covered.  This is to allow the Township's snowplows to safely and effectively remove snow from the roadways.  Any vehicles found obstructing the snow plows may be ticketed and towed at the owner's expense.